About Us.

D1ASP0RA (Madison, WI) is a foundry formed in 2016 to launch disruptive healthcare ventures. Thus far we have launched five companies. Areas of primary interest include precision medicine, regenerative medicine, and phenotypic discovery. Precision medicine improves healthcare decisions by tailoring treatments to each patient. Regenerative medicine targets unmet needs by repairing tissues damaged from disease. Phenotypic discovery identifies more effective drugs. These three areas are key to future healthcare innovation. They operate on common platform technologies including clinical genomics and manufactured cells.

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Launched Companies.

Vascugen is a company focused on advancing regenerative medicines for treatment of intractable vascular diseases, including critical limb ischemia (CLI), the severe form of peripheral artery disease (PAD). The company brings together leading experts in vascular disease, stem cell biology, and surgical intervention.

Opsis Therapeutics is a company focused on discovering and developing new medicines to restore vision to patients suffering from retinal diseases. Founded and advised by world experts in retinal disease and cell manufacturing, Opsis Therapeutics is a partnership with FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics Inc. (FCDI).

Dianomi Therapeutics is a development stage biopharmaceutical company advancing a pipeline of next generation treatments for inflammatory diseases, initially targeting osteoarthritis. The company’s proprietary Mineral Coated Microparticle (MCM) technology enables formulation of proven drugs for improved delivery, stability, and function.

Chelon Therapeutics is a preclinical stage company with a novel platform technology for delivery of nucleic acid-based treatments. This approach overcomes the stability and retention limitations of current generation nucleic acid therapies in development.

RPRD Diagnostics is a precision medicine company focused on comprehensive and specialty pharmacogenomics, with the aim to improve clinical decision support and patient outcomes. The company’s founders, scientific advisors, and technical team are leaders in clinical implementation of genetic testing.